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Nexford University

Professor of Practice 

2019 - Current

Support the development and instruction of MBA / BBA courses for international student body including: Culture, Operations Management, Leadership, and Doing Business in China

George Mason University 

Adjunct Professor

2016 - 2017

Led academic and commercial courses on leadership, management, and project management.

Strayer University

Adjunct Professor

2013 - 2015

Taught courses in business, Human Resources, Management, Leadership, Business, Accounting and Projects.

Harrisburg University

Associate Professor

PM Centers USA

2016 - Present


2014 - 2015

2008 - 2012

Adjunct Professor providing courses in Leadership, Communications, Program and Project Management for undergraduate students.

Taught Program Management Professional courses focused on leadership, estimation, benefit management, and communication. 

Created and taught courses in Project Management, RIsk Management, Budget and Estimation in Europe

Concepts Integration Inc. 

2005 - 2012

Created and led training courses in Project Management, Risk Management, Program Management, and Leadership for commercial and government clients.